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Introducing our newest product group from our range of 70,000 standard parts: Gears! In this group, you will find bevel gear boxes and worm gear reducers in anodized aluminum housings, now available.
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NEW  Bevel Gear Boxes and Worm Gear Reducers
Bevel gear boxes and Worm gear reducers
Bevel gear boxes GN 3971 and worm gear reducers GN 3975 can transmit high torque despite their compact dimensions. They can be used for a multitude of applications and require no maintenance.
- Maintenance-free
- Long service life
- Quiet operation
- Encapsulated housing to prevent the entry of dust
- Low backlash on reversal
- More mounting options
The gear ratio of the bevel gear box GN 3971 is 1:1 (i = 1). There is no restriction on the direction of rotation. Thanks to the special toothing of the bevel gear wheels of case-hardened steel, the gear box has a long service life and is especially robust.
The worm gear reducers GN 3975 are characterized by a low center distance. This gear box can be used to realize countless different gear ratios. Depending on the gear ratio between the worm and the worm wheel, static self-braking can be eliminated.
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NEW  Sealed Standard Parts Made for Hygienic Requirements
Our latest addition to the Hygienic Design product family is the GN 6226 spacers. These standard parts easily avoid duplicate mounting surfaces, which are problematic and time-consuming in terms of cleaning and sealing. Our Hygienic Design product range continues to grow, with new parts joining the existing range of knobs, U-handles, hand levers, indexing plungers, latches, cover sleeves, leveling feet and screws.
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