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NEW  Zinc Die-Cast Indexing Plungers in Inch Sizes
Zinc Die-Cast Indexing Plungers in Inch Sizes
GN 6012 - Cam Action Indexing Plunger
Cam action indexing plungers are best utilized in applications where the pin may need to be retracted periodically. By rotating the lever arm 180° the plunger pin is withdrawn. The notch allows for safe positioning while the plunger pin is held in the retracted position. These zinc die-cast indexing plungers are economically priced.
GN 8017 Indexing Plungers
Indexing plungers with lock-out and non lock-out are used for applications where the plunger pin needs to stay in its retracted position. To achieve this, the knob is rotated by 90 degrees after being retracted. A notch keeps the plunger in the retracted position.
Differences from the GN 6012 (versus the 612) and GN 8017 (versus the 817) include:
  • Pin diameter
  • Body style
  • Zinc die-cast
  • Economically priced
  • True inch dimension
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NEW  High-End Precision Guide Rollers
Guide Rollers GN 753.1
They may appear unassuming, but their range of applications is enormous: guide rollers with ball bearings achieve smooth and dynamic movements. JW Winco is setting new standards with the guide roller generation GN 753. 1.
Guide rollers may seem like simple, standard parts, but these rollers with ball bearings are in exceptionally high demand. Considering their central role in an extensive range of applications, JW Winco has expanded its guide roller offering to include the standard part
GN 753. 1. With its entirely new design, these guide rollers have a special deep groove ball bearing of hardened roller bearing steel. They are available in six sizes, from 0.866 to 1.969 inches (22 to 50 millimeters) outer diameter. The bearing features permanent lubrication and a typical 2Z seal to protect against dust and dirt. In other words, the bearing is covered on both sides by metal disks.
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Couplings from JW Winco:  Precise and Reliable
Couplings create connections between drive shafts and driven shafts in order to transmit rotary motion and torque. For example, they are used to combine the shafts of motors and transmissions into a single drive unit.
Alongside the primary purpose of transmitting torque, couplings also carry out other important tasks:
  • Compensating for shaft offsets and misalignments
  • Absorbing runout errors and axial motions
  • Damping vibrations and shocks
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NEW  JW Winco’s Standard Parts Handbook is here!
Winco Handbook
JW Winco’s new handbook will support designers and engineers with the largest selection of standard parts. Our handbook has the most comprehensive number of standard parts with over 75,000 items on 2,184 pages.
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